How much parking ticket? / Parking Penalty Inquiry How

Traffic fines in 2019 with a rise of 24 percent in the face. So 2019 traffic fines How much is the parking ticket? Questioning the parking ticket Where is it made and How bad is the parking ticket ? Wrong parking ticket What is the price? we have compiled the answers to these questions for you in this article.

How Much is the Parking Penalty?

There are three ways to pay a parking ticket. In these three types of payments, which will be listed as towing, transportation and rescue, fees vary according to distance. For example, the close payment fee is 70 TL. The fee to be paid to the park to which the vehicle is towed and taken is calculated daily and 1 day fee is 12 TL. Considering this 3-stage payment, the penalty to be paid in parking penalty is 236 TL.

Parking Penalty Inquiry How To

You can make your parking ticket inquiry by writing to the e-government Traffic Ticket and Parking Inquiry or via EGM You can query the parking ticket by entering your information.

Who pays the traffic fines in rental cars, to whom are the fines written?

Car rental is a frequently asked question who pays traffic fines. In 2019 new traffic fines also pays the driver in fines for traffic violations on rental cars. Since the date and time of the penalty is determined, the amount of the penalty is reflected on the driver who is taking the vehicle at that day and time. The driver is also obliged to pay the penalties for the violations caused by the driver while driving. Before you take delivery of the vehicle about the penalties in cases that may develop due to vehicle failure, please read the car rental terms of the rent a car office and inform the authorized personnel about it. receive.

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