Questions about Winter Tire Application

With the winter tire application summer tires in cars are replaced with winter tires. You should wear winter tires to avoid risking both your own life and the lives of others. In order to prevent traffic accidents, it is compulsory to wear winter tires as of 1 December each year. Every driver traveling between cities should use winter tires in his vehicle. Winter tire application, which started on 1 December, ends on 1 April. During this four-month period, it is determined and announced by the governorates whether or not they have to wear tires in the city. Governorships may increase the date range by 1 month before or 1 month after taking into account the average local temperatures.

Most Wondered Winter Tire Application Questions

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<p>There are many questions about the winter tire application. Some questions include when to install a winter tire, whether it is a punishment for not wearing a winter tire or not, whether or not a winter tire is used in the summer. The answer to all this and more is waiting for you in the continuation of our article.</p>
<h2> <strong> When to Install the Winter Tire </strong></h2>
<p>The requirement to install winter tires <strong> for commercial vehicles carrying cargo and passengers between cities </strong> will start on December 1, 2018 this year. In cases where the city governors deem it necessary, this period can be extended to one month before the announcement.</p>
<h2> <strong> Why to apply winter tires? </strong></h2>
<p>The application of winter tires is to prevent possible traffic accidents. <strong> Winter tires </strong> provide better grip and higher safety than summer tires on wet, muddy and snowy surfaces at temperatures below 7 degrees. The slippery rate of the floors increases with the decrease of temperature in winter and the occurrence of natural events such as snow and rain. Winter tires provide drivers with safe driving on this slippery and rough surface.</p>
<h2> <strong> Winter tire prices are nearby </strong></h2>
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What to consider when buying winter tires in this article!

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