Renting a low-burning car

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Renting a small burning car

While renting a car and buying a new car, fuel economy has started to be an important issue. Many people want to be stingy about the fuel consumption of the vehicle to use and therefore be inexpensive. However, there is often a contrast between fuel consumption and performance. Although the engine technology has been improved in recent years, even with vehicles that are much more advanced and have very powerful engines, they consume very little fuel, but unfortunately this generalization still applies. This is why it is very important to determine exactly what you need when buying a car or renting a car. Now let’s open this up a bit:

Renting a low-burning car first consider how important the vehicle’s fuel economy is to you. As the fuel economy of the vehicle improves, engine power decreases and its size decreases. Therefore, if a large car is needed, fuel consumption is usually high. If speed and performance are desired, too much fuel economy should not be expected.

How Cars Burn Less?

The balance of the suspension system, the amount of electrical components and the energy consumed, the condition of the tires, the condition of the engine oil filter affect the fuel consumption of many technical parts. This is why there is a difference in fuel consumption between a new car and the same version that has been used for five years. As the parts wear out, the engine is forced more and consumes more fuel.

The way the vehicle is driven also affects the fuel consumption. In extreme cold, the engine is forced too much and burns more. The car always burns more when climbing uphill. If the vehicle is overloaded, fuel consumption will increase. Constant braking-throttle, changing speed continuously, overloading the gas also affects consumption. Habits such as opening the air conditioner for a long time or driving a car by opening the windows also increase fuel consumption. It may be useful to pay attention to the following items when renting a car.

Five main points on fuel consumption can be considered here. We can summarize them as follows.

Fuel Consumption: Whether the vehicle is diesel, LPG or gasoline does not affect how much fuel it consumes, but how much fuel it will cost. For this reason, LPG car rental or diesel rental options or low-volume petrol car rental options should be preferred.

Curb Weight (size): The lighter the car, the less load is placed on the engine. This reduces fuel consumption.

Vehicle Load: If you overload the vehicle, your fuel consumption will increase.

Vehicle Engine Capacity (Engine Power): If engine power is too high, consumption is also high.

Traction System – Transmission Type: In recent years, this work has been technically optimized so that it is difficult to make this generalization, but still a manual car burns less than an automatic transmission. A 4 × 4 car also burns more than the front wheel drive.

In summary; The fuel tank is smaller, the engine burns less than vehicles with low engine volume (HP). Nissan Micra, Citroen C3, Ford Fiesta options, such as usually burns less. Most SUVs and 4-wheel drive vehicles also burn excess. The higher the vehicle body weight, the higher the fuel consumption. For this reason, it is often useful to choose a small tool for less burning.

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