Traffic Accident Detection Report Inquiry / Accident Detection Report How To Fill In

If you haven’t had to do a research on the traffic accident report, you’re lucky, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. What is a traffic accident report? In this article, we have gathered the answers for the questions about how to make a traffic accident report and how to create a traffic accident report .

At least two vehicles in traffic collisions and in case of accidents, the documents that can be arranged by the parties are called the accident report. Only in cases of material damage, the parties involved in the accident can issue this document among themselves without the control of the insurance company or the police. In this way, the time lost while waiting for the traffic police are prevented.

How to fill in the accident report

The parties involved in the accident fill in the accident report. This completed document is sent to the damage department of the relevant insurance companies. The relevant insurance company transmits the details of the minutes and photographs taken at the time of the accident to the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) until the end of the following working day. Insurance companies determine their own accident defect rate and evaluate it with 100% maximum rate. If insurance companies agree on defect rates, the file results. If an agreement is not reached, the minutes are sent to the Minutes Evaluation Commission and the decision is taken within three working days. If no result is received, an information message is sent to the parties with insurance via e-mail and SMS.

How to conduct a traffic accident report inquiry

Accident identification reports that can be followed via e-government system ‘Accident Detection Record Inquiry bulunan button can be displayed by clicking the‘ Online Transactions Menu ’tab. In addition, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) can be accessed by entering the website. If the accident report is to be objected, the parties must apply to the insurance company within 5 working days. If the right of appeal is not evaluated or the demand is not met within these 5 days, the Insurance Arbitration Commission or private remedies should be applied.

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