What a Traveler Carries in a Backpack

Travelers carry their homes on their backs as they travel the world. What do they need when traveling dozens of countries alone? How do they prepare their backpacks and what do they carry? The answers to these questions are shared by Instagram’s phenomenal traveler The author of the account Cüneyt Durhan shares this article…

What you got in your backpack was because of you. Sometimes one bag was not enough, most of the time I was going on a trip with two bags. Of course it is easy for some to prepare bags, but sometimes it can change. I can prepare my day bag sometimes a few days before my travels. Sometimes, although I have prepared so meticulously, I’m not missing. On a few day trips, I try not to buy much, and when I travel with a 25-liter bag, my 55-liter and 25-liter bags are enough for long trips 🙂 On the way back, I get back to my house with a little gift I bought myself. In fact, everything I take with me is an extra burden for me. So the more light you keep your bag, the more comfortable it will be for you. Let’s take a look at what I have in my backpack on my long and short trips?

What’s On My Backpack

  • My passport and my flight document
  • Money and passport wallet with neck strap
  • 65 Lt backpack
  • To carry my technology supplies 25 Lt backpack
  • My DJI Mavic pro drone and equipment
  • My Macbook Air and charger
  • My iphone 7 plus phone, charger and powerbank
  • Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera (backup battery, charger, backup memory cards)
  • Outdoor shoes, fleece, pants, raincoat (varies by season)
  • Necessary materials such as toothbrush, toothpaste nail clippers
  • Use horse slippers

  • My small medicine bag (pain relief, nasal spray, antibiotics, muscle relaxant, flu medicine, band-aid, sore throat)
  • My stickers and business cards
  • little gifts for the people I meet (coffee, necklaces, Turkey postcards etc.)

I choose my equipment according to the long time degree of travel and prepare my bag. As I mentioned, I try to prepare detailed clothes and items on my long trips, and I usually try to carry out with short bags on short trips. Therefore, I suggest you that the less things means more comfort in the trip 🙂 Here’s what I say when they say what is my backpack 🙂

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